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10 Best Horizontal News Ticker Plugin Using Jquery and css3

Jun 2nd, 2014

Lets have a look at different Horizontal News Ticker’s using css3 And Jquery that can be implemented straight on your website. News ticker’s are also referred as Scrolling text or Marquee text effects. For people wondering what are they check out below they are very familiar to all of us.

1. Jquery Web Ticker.

A jQuery web ticker
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2. News Ticker In 4 Lines Of Jquery.

News Ticker in 4 lines of jquery
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3. Jquery News Ticker.

Jquery News TickerVisit Site Visit Demo

4. Jquery Advanced News Ticker.

JQuery Advanced News Ticker
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5. liScroll – jQuery Scrolling News Ticker.

liscroll news tickerVisit Site Visit Demo

6. Jquery Marquee Plugin : ESPN-style scrolling marquee.

Marquee jQuery Plugin
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 7.  Featurify Horizontal News Ticker Jquery Plugin.

Featurify Marquee Minimalistic Jquery Ticker
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 8. CSS3 Marquee News Ticker.

css3 Marquee TickerVisit Site Visit Demo

9. iNewsTicker – Jquery News Ticker.

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10. jNewsticker – jQuery News Ticker (Premium).

jnewstickerVisit Site Visit Demo

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    I really need thia one on my site. Thank you.

  • cool list. thx

  • Chris Harrison

    Some of these cant even do Horizontal, only Vertical…