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Featurify Horizontal News Ticker Jquery Plugin

Jun 7th, 2014

Extremely easy to use Horizontal News Ticker jQuery plugin that allows you to make simple Ticker/sliders with auto playing and hover managing.

How to use it?

Include Latest Jquery and Featurify.js

Basically you just have to create a div, an ul, a li :

<div id="features">
		<li>Something really cool</li>
		<li>Another thing cooler</li>
		<li>Final awesome thing</li>

And then just do :


//or if you want some options
 directionIn : -1,
 directionOut: -1,

Options :

pause 	// time in milleseconds between each slide
transition // time in milleseconds that will take the sliding effect
directionIn // left: -1 / right: 1. Direction from where will come the next slide 
directionOut // left: -1 / right: 1. Direction to where will go the current slide

  • Radwan

    it dosent work ,, whey ???

  • Marco

    I have problems if there is only one list item (). Don’t you?

  • milad

    how we can use this plugin for showing rss feed?

  • Paul Bowden

    Hi there – I can’t get Links to work within the any ideas please?