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jQuery Stuck – A responsive sticky element plugin

Aug 28th, 2014

jQuery Stuck - A responsive sticky element plugin

Stuck is a responsive sticky element jQuery plugin designed for use with Foundation, Bootstrap, or your own css solution.


Add the .stuck class to any responsive .row or .columns you would like fixed to the top of the page when scrolled past.


Elements can be trained to stay at the bottom of a container when scrolling past the border. Just add the .release class to your .stuck element, then put it in a .release-container.

Being Responsive

Your responsive elements may jump up or down the page on resize, but this plugin will always maintain the correct position and stacking order. Scroll and resize this responsive example.


Performance is somewhat of a concern since this plugin uses collision detection. The collision matrix is calculated on page load so you may notice a small delay up-front, but then responsive scrolling and resizing afterward.

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