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Monocle – Zoom Image Using Draggable Magnifying Loupe Plugin

Jul 26th, 2014

Drag the Magnifying Monocle Loupe  below to see zoom image.

Image Credit : DeviantArt

MONOCLE – a jQuery plugin by jonbrennecke.

This plugin adds the simple “$(…).monocle” function to any jquery image.

The monocle function takes a few simple parameters:
zoom: a number, (1.5 to 2 works best!)
size: a string (like “150px”)
classname: a class to be added to the generated loupe

Basically you just have to include image DIV id and call monocle :

$( document ).ready( function(){

	// call the loupe

		// parameters
		zoom : 1.5,
		size : "12em",
		className : "glossy",

		// callbacks
		mouseenter : function ( e ) {}, 
		mouseleave : function ( e ) {},
		drag : function ( e ) {}

There are several included styles (“classnames”) provided (try “glossy”,”flat”,”metro”,”smooth”).

Monocle - Zoom Image Using Draggable Magnifying Loupe PluginBut it’s easy to make your own with the SASS functions that are provided to extend the basic “loupe” style.

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