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Tag Editor – A Powerful Tag Editor Plugin For Jquery

In Tags
Sep 14th, 2014

Tag Editor - A Powerful Tag Editor Plugin For Jquery

A powerful, lightweight and Colorful tag editor plugin for jQuery.


  • Lightweight: 9.3 kB of JavaScript – less than 3.4 kB gzipped
  • Edit in place tags
  • Intuitive navigation between tags with cursor keys, Tab, Shift+Tab, Enter, End, Backspace, Del, and ESC
  • Optional jQuery UI sortable
  • Optional jQuery UI autocomplete
  • Copy-paste or delete multiple selected tags
  • Duplicate tags check
  • Custom delimiter/s
  • Placeholder
  • Custom style for faulty tags
  • Public methods for reading, adding and removing tags + destroy function
  • Callbacks
  • Graceful degradation if JavaScript is disabled