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Tweene – JavaScript Animation Proxy Library

Dec 13th, 2014

Tweene - JavaScript Animation Proxy Library

Tweene is a JS library that helps to improve your favorite animation engine, allowing you to do more and better.

There are already a lot of good JavaScript animation libraries on the market, each one with specific features, strengths and weaknesses. Each programmer and each project have their specific requirements, so sometimes one library may be suitable while other times it could not.

Tweene is something different. It is an animation proxy: used as a wrapper of your chosen library, it may allow you to

  • write animations easily, thanks to its versatile interface that adapts itself to your programming style
    gain extra features (play, pause, reverse, resume, restart and speed control, Timelines)
  • switch easily from one library to another any time you want.
  • Currently it can work together with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit (CSS Transitions) or jQuery.

Author on Twitter : @bzzlr